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Your Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

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When things get hectic at work or home, minor issues with your car can become pretty easy to ignore. A little scratch or dent is unlikely to affect your vehicle’s performance and can be easily put back into shape the next time you see your mechanic.

But when it comes to the more challenging elements that keep your car running, you mustn’t leave them indefinitely.

Whether you’re using the car regularly or not, ongoing car maintenance from car repairs in Southampton keeps it in its best condition and comforts you that it’s still road-safe.

What should you check in your car regularly?

Let’s face it, no one has time to be doing a full-scale pre-MOT inspection every time they use their car. But even with a new vehicle, you can do some short reviews regularly to keep your car road safe and performing as best. Your car servicing checklist is here –

1. Tires –

 It’s obvious to even the car novices when your car has a flat tire, but it’s not as easy to tell if your tire pressure is low.

You can check if your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light is showing beforehand or look at our guide on checking tire pressure with a pressure gauge.

2. Lights –

You should check your lights regularly, as bulbs can quickly go overlooked. You should check that all lights are lit up perfectly and want a fix for any warning lights.

For the exterior, get a car mechanic in Southampton to help check that the front, rear, indicator, fog, registration plate, and brake lights are perfectly positioned and in the right color.

3. Bodywork –

If your car is usually kept outdoors, you leave your vehicle manageable to potential rust, dirt, and damage. You can quickly assess your vehicle’s bodywork, checking for any erosion, damage, or sharp edges.

You should daily clean your car, inside and out, to prevent any issues.

Also, checking the car engine size is an essential part.

4. Engine oil levels –

Engine oil keeps your engine operating smoothly, so it should be checked at least every few weeks or months before any long trips.

You can quickly check your oil by:

  1. Wait for your engine to cool.
  2. Open the car bonnet.
  3. Find the dipstick and brush it clean.
  4. Replace the dipstick, and inspect that the oil level falls between the minimum and maximum.
  5. If the oil is low, fill it up as required.

You can get this done professionally at car repairs in Southampton as a part of your car service.

5. Brake fluid –

The suggested time to replace your brake fluid is generally every two years. However, it’s essential to check it regularly.

Specifically, if you feel a slowing in the quality of your brakes, it’s better to check your brake fluid sooner rather than later.

6. Spark Plugs –

Wrong spark plugs can cause engine power loss, so check with your car manual for guidance on replacement times.

Car maintenance can become costly, but a professional car mechanic in Southampton best replaces spark plugs when you’re unsure how to do it alone.

Conclusion –

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all for the most crucial maintenance jobs, as the best checks often depend on the vehicle and its use. If you’re struggling to find your inner technician or can’t make the time for routine maintenance, you must follow our car servicing checklist.

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