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Romantic getaways never go out of fashion, going to an entirely new and different place with your partner and spending quality time with them sounds like a wonderful idea. Amongst today’s hectic lifestyle, relationships often take a back seat, and sometimes conscious efforts have to be made to rejuvenate the lost spark between you and your partner. Gifts and flowers seem okay but what about the latest and the most exciting thing to explore with your partner, GLAMPING. It is camping but more luxurious. It is the best surprise you can give to your partner and instill some adventure in your love life.

1. Quality Time

This getaway will allow you and your partner to spend all the time together far in the woods without any tension of work, deadlines, or household chores. Spending quality time with your partner is a love language and a very powerful one. Any relationship is based on communication and such getaways give you enough space and time to talk to each other and do it without any restrains of surroundings and time. Bringing your partner to a glamping getaway is going to make your relationship grow even cozier.

2. Stargazing hand in hand with your partner

What could be more romantic than lying under the open sky, next to your partner, and staring at the vastness of the universe? The sight of stars makes us realize the immensity of the cosmos and touches something deep inside us. It grounds us and at the same time elevates us with its mesmerizing views. Each star represents a whole different world and while you sit next to the person you love, it seems even more fascinating how innumerable things are just been placed in the galaxy, some millions of miles away from you and some you are sitting next to holding.

3. Connect with Nature

Glamping seems like the perfect way to connect with nature. Living in a place miles away from the hectic, hustling life of the city in itself is an enthralling experience. Waking up in the arms of your partner to the smell of morning dew and birds chirping sounds spellbinding. Singing love songs next to the bonfire and expressing your love engrosses you in ways that you forget about all the worriers there are.

4. Enjoy the luxurious facilities

Even amongst the lush, green, magnificent forest, enjoy the luxuries like a private hot tub, and a romantic meal cooked outdoors. Pop open a bottle of sparkling drink and enjoy it while sitting in the bubbling water of your hot tub.

 5. Add adventure to your life

Go on a trek with your partner, and set up camps in the middle of a thick, dark forest surrounded by tall trees. Listen to the silence the place has to offer with your heart filled with love and romance for your partner. Talk a walk on a path unknown, walking past overhanging branches of trees and shrubs while the beautiful moon shines over you and reaches you through a coppice.

The UK has to offer special and beautiful lodges for couples to go glamping. Getaway for couples from their strenuous lives and to spend some precious time with their loved ones. Luxury glamping has become one of the most sought gifts on various romantic occasions. Secluded and luxurious escapes to the yurts of Mongolia are also perfect for holidays. Mongolian yurt holidays set up in the middle of pasture lands give true nomadic experience. Taking out time from your schedule and going out on luxury glamping is the perfect way to communicate your love for your partner.

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