Why An Early Pregnancy Scan is Important and What To Expect?

Why An Early Pregnancy Scan is Important and What To Expect?

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The early pregnancy scan is done in the first trimester between 7-12 weeks of the gestation period, which indicates a woman can undergo the test from the seven weeks after the last menstrual cycle. Anticipation is a prominent part of one’s pregnancy. There are several reasons why a woman needs to do an early pregnancy scan, including Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD), Pregnancy Confirmation, or simply for the peace of mind. One can even have a pregnancy scan earlier if one experiences pregnancy complications such as bleeding. The blog will discuss why an early pregnancy scan is essential and what the prospective mother and her family should expect.

The Reasons Why an Early Pregnancy Scan is Important?

Early pregnancy scans are crucial for a few reasons. Let us have a look at the explanations carefully.

1. Early pregnancy tests confirm the pregnancy and that there is a heartbeat in the womb.

2. The ultrasound scan can calculate the gestation period, conclude an estimated delivery date, examine if an ectopic pregnancy can be terminated, and check for multiples, such as twins triples.

3. Mainly in the first pregnancy cases, one feels nervous about what to expect and to lessen their worry and concern, it is recommended to have an early pregnancy scan.

In most clinics, the administration team consults the woman and her family members. In the case of the first visit, you have to fill out the registration form. Before your ultrasound scan begins, the sonographers will confirm the registration details.

What Are the Kinds of Ultrasound scans, and what are those?

Usually, there are two types of pregnancy scans:

1. abdominal Scan

2. Transvaginal (TVS) Scan

In the abdominal Scan, the transducer is placed on the women’s abdomen. The pregnancy scan uses lubricating get to facilitate the process. The process is non-invasive and entirely painless.

On the other hand, a transvaginal ultrasound can identify earlier pregnancies. Mostly, it becomes necessary for the sonographer to perform a TVS scan in the early pregnancy. The procedure involves the insertion of a probe into the vagina. The process offers a much clearer and increased view. If the sonographer feels it is needed to perform the TVS procedure, s/he will discuss it with you and your family members. Permission needs to be obtained before beginning the procedure. The process is entirely painless, precisely like the abdominal Scan, but it might feel uncomfortable.

What to Expect?

The ultrasound procedure allows the patient to see the view on the screen. The picture shows the images produced by the transducer. You might not understand or detect the photos displayed on the screen at such an early stage of pregnancy, but the sonographer explains and guides concerning the image.

The early pregnancy scan offers the view of an early peek inside the uterus and an opportunity to learn some more about your baby’s expected birth date and healthcare. The high-frequency sound waves travel to the uterus, and the vibration returns from the embryo. The images show the unborn baby’s soft tissues and developing organs. After 11 weeks of gestation, a gender ultrasound is possible as the procedure can quickly identify whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl.

Some top-notch ultrasound clinics turn your experience into an enjoyable, relaxing, and stress-free using high-tech equipment.

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