Is It Smarter to Buy, Lease or Rent a Commercial Ice Machine?

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People require a commercial ice machine these days for a wide array of reasons, and such ice machines most commonly found in the hospitality industry like restaurants, hotels, resorts, or country clubs. If you are a homeowner, then your current refrigerator can serve that task in making your foodstuff cooler, giving fresher food every time without any involvement of bacteria activity. If you are a business owner or someone looking for such a machine, which only produces fresh ice cubes rather than anything else, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right unit for your needs.

We know Commercial Ice Machines are an essential part of your business operation; and with that machine, ice is only one most simplistic recipe you can ever make. To prepare it, you simply need to learn the process of making it, and it is not that difficult. You can learn how to make ice properly, and make different kinds of ice if you’re interested. However, if you are in a hospitality business that serves drinks on a regular basis, you need such units. The only issue is, you need time and it is something you don’t have; at that moment, you need more ice at the quickest time possible.

No doubt, it is for this reason that a commercial ice machine has become very convenient in offering what we desire, and that is what chilled ‘Ice’ can do to make drinks much more enjoyable.

Sometimes, things might not run according to our plans in the hospitality industry. In the shorter term, it displays its traits and stops running or making ice. Why? Just because of continuous usage leads to excessive wear and tears. If this is what we call a commercial ice machine, think twice or thrice before hunting for kitchen equipment like this.

It is cautious to note that the appliances you buy for your business will experience more wear and tear than your kitchen equipment at home. In order to save bucks on repairs, purchases, and the lifetime operating cost combined, it may be best to consider having your ice maker equipment in three ways (Purchase, Lease, or Rent) to address the overall cost in the method you prefer the most.
The hardest part is deciding what you need versus what you want, and this will solve your uncertainties.

When buying an ice machine, remember that it carries a wide variety of models and options to choose from and can seem both confusing and overwhelming sometimes. So think wisely before investing in this heavy Ice maker equipment. If you’ve chosen one by paying an excessive amount, bear in mind to double-check the unit that you have selected that can work with the unique requirement of your business. The choice is yours.

When to consider:
Only then, when you have a large initial capital outlay who are ready to take all preventative and ongoing maintenance expenses at one go without any hiccups. This approach fits well when you’ve your own maintenance departments to look after the machines and avoid hiring outside technicians, which only charge unnecessary money. However, you can also hire our dedicated ones if you feel like. Our certified technicians are experienced enough to passionately look after your concerns and apply this passion to ice machine cleaning and maintenance. These machines are the expensive ones, and your buyers can only make sense when maintenance on your part is stable and up to the mark.

commercial ice machine lease is a contract that outlines the terms where one party agrees to rent that machine owned by another party. That is what lease is all about. Taking in leases benefit the end-user who doesn’t want to spend on a large capital purchase outlay. Sometimes, this subscription is more than just an ice machine lease as it includes commercial ice equipment, preventive maintenance, cleaning stuff, and finally repairs all under one low monthly payment roof.

When to consider:
We already talked about it again we’re saying when you feel like you don’t really need to spend much on that high-performance ice maker, then you can make your considerations. When you buy a brand-new ice machine, alongside you also end up owning the hassles that come along with it. Ice machine rental can be even better options for businesses than owning one. Lease companies sell commercial ice machines to make a profit, solving a problem, and delivering the result you need under the 2-4 yrs commitment. Nothing more than that, but the only limitations are the contract where you can’t terminate it early on your own. Even with legal reasons, you still suffer penalty issues. If you prioritize your business more than the limitations, then no doubt this would be the best option for you.

Coming to the final spectrum and that is Rentals. Ice machines are expensive to purchase and also to maintain and repair. So, the ideal business owner needs to think the opposite in order to make a great decision. In rentals, one agrees to rent that machine for a fixed monthly cost which includes all repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. This package/subscriptions fit those who remarkably stay busy and do not have enough time to take a single look at their machine and also to purchase replacement, repairs, or maintain it.

When to consider:
Well, it is up to you which suits you best; but in this case, you never end up owning an ice machine, but neither are you ever out of producing ice because all maintenance and replacement get included in your all-in-one payment package. Your contract can start from as little as one month to a maximum of five years, and canceling is way easier than leasing. Our minimum one-month term is best for trial-basis if you don’t like long term commitments. Rest, our subscription model will find you a machine to fit your exact business needs.

If you want during your subscription to change machines, we can do that for you. Just a small fee can swap out your machine for a different size of type. Currently, we serve in Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Montclair, Hoboken, Newark, Fairfield, Hackensack, Englewood, New York City, NY, NJ, and CT.

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