Remodelling Your Kitchen with Marble

Ideas For Remodelling Your Kitchen with Marble

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The kitchen is one of the most crucial spaces in one’s home, so it is necessary to remodel and renovate your kitchen after a while, whether the kitchen is small or large. For ages, marble has been a classic option to design kitchen countertops that add a versatile look to your kitchen. One must remember marble is not resistant to stains, scratches, and etch. Marble, ametamorphic stone collected from the mountainous terrains of Asia, Europe, and North & South America, requires high maintenance. The chemical surface of the stone makes marble vulnerable to acidic components. If you talk of the advantageous features, marble is a strong material with high heat resistance.
The blog will discuss some exciting kitchen remodeling ideas with marble to make your kitchen space more attractive.

Let us see.

1. Maintain Consistency of Colours

The same colored or patterned marble on the backsplash and walls add a sophisticated and fresh look to the kitchen. The smooth and subtle texture makes the finish gorgeous.

2. Consider Monochrome

Monochromatic schemes in the kitchen offer a warm vibe. It focuses on the various shades and tones of one colored marble to make your place more inviting and unified. Monochrome adds a cozy feel to the space.

3. Create Colour Contrast

Contrast is another prevalent idea of modern time while remodeling your kitchen space with marble. You can pair pristine white marbles against the completely black color. And, if you have an expansive kitchen space, a fine metallic backsplash balances the contrast and makes the appearance softer.

4. Mix & Match Design

You can remodel your kitchen with a mix-and-match concept. Sometimes, the unusual combinations create the best look. Your kitchen might be a melting pot of traditionalism and modernism or a unique blend of opposite colors and patterns.

5. Classic Traditional Look

The classic traditional look is what never goes out of fashion. The old-fashioned elements include brass hardware, creamy marble slabs, a blue oven that maintains the welcoming aura in your kitchen. In addition, the subtle grey veining in the white marble kitchen countertopsadds a distinct texture and value.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Dark Colours.

You can design your large kitchen counter with black marble with sculptural patterns. The dark theme creates a fantastic contrast with semi-glossy cabinets and adds a fanciful ambiance to the space.

7. Be Minimalistic

A minimalistic approach makes your kitchen stunning. The small whitekitchen top marble designcreates a mesmerizing contrast against the clean dark floor. In addition, the sharp edges of the countertop add a modernist tone.

8. Complement Colours

You can experiment with colors in your kitchen that are not “kitchen-friendly” as the conventional ideas go. The unusual color contrasts add an amazing look to your kitchen space. You can try out slate, pink, blue-colored marbles to add a unique touch.


Besides, you can experiment with glossy tones, thick marble slabs, veining, marbleizing kitchen walls, architectural patterns, and modern looks in your kitchen space. You can try out numerous ideas as you work on kitchen remodeling and designs. A fresh and neat kitchen idea adds an aesthetic touch to your home.
Hope, the ideas help you.

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