How To Choose VoIP PBX Solutions For Businesses – What To Look For

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Your office phone uses pbx technology to connect you to your desk when you are in the office. However, you might wonder why we need it when you have a mobile in hand. But if your mobile is strictly for personal use. Official communications on mobile can be made from remote locations too as permitted. Moreover, private branch exchanges of PBX connect your desktop telephones on a common network. Moreover, telephone calls can be done within stations to make free calls internally.

What Is The Difference Between PBX and VoIP?

Both PBX technology and VoIP are designed for telephone service within an organization. The following points of difference are

  • The Upfront Investment
  • Based on the quality of the call
  • The cost of running
  • Ease of scaling
  • Contract and terms
  • Cell phone compatibility

What Do You Know About Cloud PBX?

Today the cloud is being used in every sector of work. Moreover, it is a vast domain of services and software and uses the internet. PBX, also named a private branch exchange, enables internal and external communication by an organization. In actuality, it receives a call and transfers it to your designated location. However, cloud PBX is a more modern version of setting up business communication.

Cost Effect Of Cloud PBX Over Traditional PBX

Compared to the traditional ones, the cloud PBX solution is much cheaper. Further, traditional PBX is much costlier and needs license fees, hardware, and specialized service agents. However, for the modern kind of business cloud PBX would provide better functionality.

Cloud PBX Service At A Glance

What are the cloud PBX service that would better business of a modern kind

  • Huge cost savings with features of enterprise-grade telephone service
  • Calls are routed via SIP
  • No extra cost except for monthly rental
  • Everybody can use phones from any location due to the flexibility of geographical location
  • You can avoid downtime, for data center redundancy
  • User friendly
  • No need for hardware maintenance
  • Capex to Opex model switching is made easier

What Is Cloud PBX?

Traditional PBX technology means bigger machines and bigger storage space. Further, the initial investment cost is comparatively huge. But the invention of the Cloud PBX system is much cheaper. The phones can be used from anywhere. Further Cloud PBX is a user-friendly technology for telephone usage. By using this technology official phone calls can be routed to a specific extension. Traditional PBX services were more premise-oriented and needed hardware solutions. However, cloud PBX solutions do not have any maintenance hassle. So, on a whole, cloud PBX service is more suitable.


Both internal and external communications are important for the smooth operation of the business. Moreover, PBX and VoIP telephone connections that were traditional earlier needed license fees and costly hardware maintenance, and were mainly located on the premises itself. Cloud services are being used almost everywhere. The field of telecommunication has seen a great upliftment in modern business. The cloud PBX solutions are accessible from anywhere. Cheaper than its traditional counterpart.

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