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A vast equestrian portfolio is proud to be worked with by the Exquisite Equestrian Property team. To advertise your property on several website portals, we combine local marketing awareness and Equestrian Specialists in UK experience with robust national marketing. Tiffany Howard, our equestrian experts wearing equestrian riding hats, looks forward to being of service regardless of your demands. After successfully operating her own equestrian retail company, Tiffany joined the Exquisite team. Locally raised and trained, before combining her love of all things equestrian with the business world, Tiffany studied Business Management and therefore brings with her a range of customer service and marketing abilities.

When engaging in any calls to your horse or donkey, we will ensure our vets wear PPE. For the duration of the appointment, they will bring a facemask and gloves. We wear our masks to protect you, and we respectfully ask you to wear a mask to protect our workers whenever possible. We will risk reviewing all of our calls to assess a nurse’s obligation to attend alongside the vet. At the time of booking, please answer all the questions asked as best as you can, so we can prepare accordingly.

If you are unable to participate due to Covid restrictions/ are vulnerable or self-isolating, or in quarantine, we will have nurses available to attend any calls alongside the vet. At all times, tack shops in the UK are still available 24/7 and have four vets on standby. We give remote consultations to continue to provide veterinary advice and care for less urgent cases while ensuring that we adhere to government guidelines. We hope that by doing so, in those situations where a physical call might not be needed, we can answer the questions and concerns of clients.

Given the current guidelines of the United Kingdom Government on reducing the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) by restricting non-essential contact with others, the Council of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has decided to allow private prescription of veterinary medicinal products where necessary temporarily. It leaves no other options available when complying with the Government’s advice. We are also pleased to inform our customers that medicine can be prescribed remotely for appropriate situations.

We are a world-renowned specialist veterinary centre supplying horse tack shops around the UK and abroad with first opinion and referral facilities.

We Practice provides high quality and personalised first opinion service to owners, trainers and breeders. In addition to having a well-established relationship with the racing and breeding industries in and around Newmarket, we have vets with extensive experience concentrating on other disciplines within the team, including sport, leisure and endurance horses.

For veterinary surgeons wishing to refer to cases that require specialist expertise or facilities, we are an outstanding resource. Our referral service encompasses a variety of disciplines with a wealth of clinical expertise, led by RCVS and European recognised Veterinary Specialists.


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